The School Detective Gang Newsletter

Do you prefer a newspaper or a newsletter

Do you prefer reading a newspaper or a newsletter instead of waiting for post to arrive in your mailbox?

Why should you subscribe to our newsletter?

It’s simple. Let’s take a tour of what we will be doing on the newsletter.

The School Detective Gang website has been expanding ever since it was created in 2018. From simple 4 pages to a huge array of pages, we are proud to announce that every week we introduce a new innovation.

This week which much difficulty we have managed to integrate the website with MailChimp, a newsletter and advertising service.

We did it so we could send newsletters periodically covering

  • Book promotions
  • Future innovations
  • Interviews with some of some very special members
  • Competitions that will enable the participants to get give aways
  • Ability to be chosen for ARCs (Advanced Reader Copy or beta copy) of future books
  • News about our members club
  • Yes you heard that right!! We are working hard on creating a members club that will have a range of benefits. We’re serious!

    Why can’t you let us know through the blog?

    The blog can be read by anyone who visits the site. We want only a handful devout few who are willing to spend two minutes of their time to subscribe.

    Why is a newsletter important for an author?

    Before every book launch there is a launch team. The launch team will be notified using newsletters unlike the blog, where we will be only notifying the readers about two weeks before

    Authors promote their books using cross promotion. We can’t do this unless we have newsletters. Every author needs to have one.

    As authors we need a helping hand. We will try out tactics using the newsletter. Discussing content of books would be done using the members club.

    Beta testing

    Yes! Our newsletter will contain progress of beta tests done on the site

    We want to keep our visitors safe. So every new feature that we plan to include in the site is actually tested on a page not visible to visitors. We will include screenshots of beta tests run on these external pages not linked to the main site for feedback.

    Guest articles

    Absolutely!!! We love it. And we will allow you to include your social media tags as well.

    Anti spam

    MailChimp forces us not to spam. So don’t worry about that!! MailChimp forces us to disclose our mailing address for that reason.

    Sharing the message…..

    We’ll allow you to forward those emails you get with our permission. We will mark emails that only you should know as top secret. Don’t forward those!!!!!

    A treat for our loyal visitors..

    We know that the submission form on the front page looks a little bland. How do you like the new look?

    Now subscribe from this page or if you have signed up to receive our posts from email it’s much easier.



      hours  minutes  seconds


    Update to the home page

    We value your feedback.

    Please tell us what you think about the new form in the feedback form below. We appreciate and value your feedback!!!

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